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Are you facing EGR and DPF issues with your heavy-duty diesel vehicle in Fort St. John, BC? Look no further than Tyco HD Services for quality repairs and maintenance. We offer aftertreatment system solutions, ensuring your trucks stay on the road and perform at their best.

Diesel mechanic performing EGR & DPF repair services on a semi truck in Fort St. John, BC

EGR Systems

If your EGR system is acting up, it's crucial to identify the signs of failure early to prevent costly breakdowns.

Signs of EGR Failure

Reduced Power and Efficiency: When your EGR system fails, you may notice a significant drop in engine power and fuel efficiency.

Excessive Smoke: An EGR system malfunction can result in excessive exhaust smoke, indicating unburned fuel and potentially harming the environment.

Check Engine Light: The most common indicator of EGR problems is the dreaded check engine light. Don't ignore it; bring your vehicle to Tyco HD Services for a thorough diagnosis.

EGR Repairs and Maintenance

EGR Valve Replacement: We offer EGR valve replacement, a common repair for EGR system issues. Our experts use quality components to ensure optimal performance.

EGR Cooler Cleaning: Regular maintenance like EGR cooler cleaning can prevent carbon buildup and extend the life of your EGR system.

EGR System Diagnostics: Our advanced diagnostics equipment can pinpoint EGR system problems accurately, ensuring that we address the root cause of the issue.

DPF Systems

A well-functioning DPF system is essential for meeting emissions standards and maintaining your vehicle's performance.

Signs of DPF Failure

Frequent Regenerations: If your DPF system regenerates too often, it may indicate a malfunction. This can lead to increased fuel consumption.

Loss of Power: A clogged DPF can restrict exhaust flow, causing a noticeable loss of power and acceleration.

Exhaust Odor: A malfunctioning DPF can result in a foul exhaust odor, which is not only unpleasant but also a sign of incomplete combustion.

DPF Repairs and Maintenance

Forced Regeneration: Our experts can perform forced regeneration to clean a clogged DPF, restoring its efficiency without the need for a full replacement.

DPF Filter Replacement: In cases of severe damage or irreparable clogs, we offer DPF filter replacement using high-quality components.

DPF System Inspection: Regular inspections can catch DPF issues early, preventing costly repairs. We recommend routine DPF system checks to ensure compliance with emissions regulations.

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